Low level laser

Portable battery powered low power laser therapy equipment

The MLP-6 control unit provides pulse rates of 10, 100, 500 Hz and 1 k Hz. The duty cycle is constant at 50%throughout the range of pulse rates so that the energy delivered is constant regardless of pulse rate.

The unit now uses a NiMH 2 A/h battery pack instead of a sealed lead acid battery. This doubles the battery capacity and improves battery life. Built in battery charging circuitry makes it possible to charge the battery from any DC supply with a voltage between approximately 9v & 15v.

The control unit and all heads now use XLR connectors. These are more robust and easier to use than the old connectors.

The treatment timer provides treatment periods of 1 - 5 minutes in 1 minute steps. The timer has a single digit count down display.

Standard single diode laser heads available:                        100mW Ultraviolet (405nm)

                                                                                                        200mW Red (650nm)

                                                                                                        200mW Infrared (810nm)

Single LED Heads available:                                                     Visible Red & Blue 1.5 Watt LED heads with a power density of 0.5W/cm at 650nm & 470nm

The development of a laser unit with operating parameters based on Nogier frequency pulsed rates is being developed in response to requests for more flexible units more suited to laser acupuncture. The possibility of producing Class 4 laser heads is also being investigated.

                                                                                         New LED combination cluster head

The new large LED Cluster head is now well established and is being used by many equine therapists. The use of four 3 Watt LEDs gives a total Red & Infrared output of 5 Watts irradiating a treatment area of 12 square CM giving an energy density of 400mW/square cm.

This enables the treatment of large areas in  a much shorter time compared with smaller single diode LED heads.

                                                                                                     LASER SAFETY EQUIPMENT

I know that many (most?) users of this equipment do not use laser safety goggles when treating patients even though the use of eye protection is recommended in all literature referring to the use of lasers.

I don't generally supply laser safety goggles due to the lack of interest and the cost involved in keeping them in stock, but I can supply them if wanted.

My personal view about eye protection is the it should be used if there is any doubt about the safety surrounding the particular circumstances in which the laser equipment is being used. Although my Red lasers may appear to be dangerous because of the brightness of the beam, it is the Infrared & Blue/Violet lasers that are probably more dangerous because the beams is almost invisible. I have found that light scatter from the Blue/Violet laser can cause what feels like eye strain. The Blue/Violet laser operates at 405nm which is very close to ultraviolet radiation so this is not surprising. The Infrared lasers are invisible except for a very low level dark red light. Although this appears to be weak, it will burn a hole through paper and do cause serious damage to eyes.

Anyone who wishes to buy laser goggles can obtain them from me, but they can be bought at a lower price directly from the company who supply my laser components. This company is run by Jonathan Slater, who is very helpful.

Supplier :         Odic Force Lasers, based in Surbiton, Surrey.

                           Web Site:       www.odicforce.com                  Tel: 0777 5785574                       Email: ofl@odicforce.com