Service & Repair

                                                                                   All equipment can be returned for routine service or repair.

Anyone intending to send equipment for repair should make contact by telephone or preferably by email. The Glasgow address is purely for administrative use and equipment sent to that address may be refused or will certainly be delayed. An alternative address will be provided for returning equipment for service. Collection of equipment by courier can be arranged. Some equipment should not be sent using any service which involves sending through Post Office Counters Ltd as they have very strict regulations about equipment containing batteries. This can (and has) resulted in equipment being destroyed. Royal mail will not consider compensation claims for loss, claiming breach of regulations.

The rechargeable batteries used in both the ultrasound machines and photo-therapy control units will operate effectively for several years if properly cared for. In order to obtain a long life, it is important to recharge batteries after use.  Leaving batteries in a discharged condition after use will greatly reduce the useful life and the batteries may fail to accept or hold charge. Many batteries are damaged by not regularly recharging. The ultrasound machine uses sealed lead acid batteries which are particularly prone to damage caused by misuse. The latest laser control unit (MLP-6) uses Nickle Metal Hydride batteries which are more robust. The chargers supplied with both the PLW-6 & MLP-6 are automatic and can be left charging the batteries without any risk of overcharging.

I will consider servicing & repairing equipment that I did not manufacture or supply. Please contact me if you have anything that you are having difficulty getting serviced.

I use Ipost Parcels (part of UK Mail) to send most items. They offer a very competitive courier service and it is easy to set up an online account.

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