Desktop Long Wave Ultrasound

All of my ultrasound machines have been portable battery powered units intended primarily for equine therapy and designed to be used outdoors in stables or anywhere without a mains power supply. Battery power also makes working in these situation completely free from the hazards of using extension leads in sometimes wet places. There are however users of my machines who never take them out of their treatment rooms. Many other therapists use my machines only in a treatment room and keep them permanently connected to mains power. In these situations, the machine's batteries are of little or no use and just provide something else to fail.

I have made mains powered machines in the past, mainly for use by greyhound trainers who never work outside, but those machines were never suitable for some of the applications now enqountered. I am now working on the development of a desk top longwave ultrasound machine aimed at Physiotherapists and others who work only in a clinic or treatment room where the machine can sit on a bench or trolley with a nearby mains power supply. The new machine will be built in a plastic desk case as shown below. The case measures approximately 200mm Square by 100mm High (maximum).

The machine will use a fully isolated & sealed power supply unit with U.S. Underwriters laboratory and E.U. conformity making the machine safe.        A new digital control board has been developed for this machine. This has a two digit display countdown timer providing time setting from 1 - 10 minutes.  The main ultrasonic generator board is based on the design used in the well proven battery powered ultrasound machines. The new desktop machine incorporates a cooling fan to reduce the internal temperature of the machine during prolonged periods of use.

Further information will be posted here as the project progresses.