Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

The PM-1 unit is the prototype of a new Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy unit. Although this may appear familiar to many people familiar with this type of equipment, this is not a copy of a well known unit that has been in use for many years .

This new unit is being tested by users with a view to commencing production after evaluation. This new unit is designed to operate with many of the coil applicators already in use. Unlike similar pulsed mag units this device has been designed to be powered by a high capacity Nickle Metal Hydride battery pack with three times the capacity of the more usual sealed lead acid batteries. This is intended to significantly increase operating time and better reliability.

The PM-1 has a single control for setting base frequency and pulse rates & a two position timer switch offering time setting of 15 & 30 minutes.  Changes to the design will be implemented before commencing production following field testing and evaluation.